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Name:Rude. And Ginger!
Posting Access:All Members, Moderated
Community description:A community for fan-fiction centred around the Tenth Doctor and Donna Noble
Welcome to the Dreamwidth archive of your favourite Doctor Who couple!

Like all fic comms, this one comes with a couple of rules. We'd really appreciate your reading them and taking note, as repeated breaking of these rules will end with us having to warn - or possibly ban - you. None of us like being the grumpy mod, so please, play by the rules and we can all stay happy!

1. This is a (Tenth) Doctor/Donna community, and as such, all fic should be primarily Doctor/Donna centric. That means no Doctor/Amy and no Doctor/Rose as your primary focus; there are plenty of communities for those pairings, and your stories will receive a much better response there. Likewise if the Doctor and Donna are simply a background pairing, you will find a Doctor Who genfic community far more appropriate for posting. Before anyone asks: yes, we do welcome non-shippy works as well, such as Doctor and Donna genfic or friendship fic. However, no member may tell another member how to view their work. If your audience chooses to read a romantic element into it, that's their business, not yours. Anyone found dictating how their fic is to be read or understood, or causing drama about it, WILL receive a single warning before being banned (see #2 below). If you have any questions about this rule, or are unsure which category your fic/pairing(s) fall into, please contact a moderator.

2. No flaming or bashing of any kind, be it actor, ship, character or user. We respect people's rights to choose. You will receive ONE warning for this. Repeated abusive behaviour WILL result in your being banned.

3. RPF is welcome but please mark it appropriately.

4. Spoilers should be behind a cut and clearly marked. You will receive UP TO THREE warnings (at mod's discretion) for failing to observe this; repeated failure to comply will result in banning.

5. Icon posts should have 1-3 teasers only; the rest must be under a cut or linked to the appropriate post.

6. Fan fiction should be given a clear and concise header, followed by a link to the story. Use the template below if necessary. We do not allow the fan-rated or ratings; please use one of the following film industry standards - G, PG, M, R, NC-17. If you are unsure of what these ratings mean, please check our FAQ post [currently under construction].



7. Images such as headers or wallpapers should be one teaser only (resized to an appropriate size; no larger than 600x400 px). The rest must be under a cut or linked to.

8. Please tag your work appropriately. At present, new tags can only be created by moderators; if the tag you require is unavailable, please let one of us know so we can add it to the list.

Thanks for your attention, and happy shipping!

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